Scrapbooking as a Hobby

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One of the most popular hobbies that people of all ages are pursuing these days is scrapbooking. It is an interesting way of keeping a record of things and events or simply collecting memories that are preserved in a beautiful and a creative way. Scrapbooking is something that anyone can do. Of course a creative bent of mind makes it just more enjoyable and better but even otherwise you can enjoy the fun that scrapbooking brings. When you decide to take up scrapbooking as a hobby, (though it might be a school project too) the first thing that you have to worry about is the scrapbook supplies. These essentially include the basic scrapbook, the different kinds of pens, glitters, adhesives etc.

The supplies for scrapbooking that you would require basically depend on the kind of scrapbook that you want to make. There is no end to the items that you can use. There are endless things with which you can embellish your scrapbook. If you’ve to stick things other than paper or stickers in the scrapbook, things that are normally a little heavier, you would need a thick base of paper, so choose the base paper carefully. Another thing that you need to take care of is the adhesives. One kind of adhesive would not be sufficient. You would be needing scotch tape, glue, staplers, etc. It is always better to go for good quality adhesives as they are more effective with even small quantities than the cheap ones in huge amounts.

There are a number of scrapbooking supplies stores online that have everything that you would need to create a beautiful scrapbook. There is no end to the fancy things that you can find on these websites and they will make your scrapbook as beautiful as you want it to be.

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Collecting The Levy

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Collecting The Levy

Submitted by: Henry Byers

The Financial Management Service (FMS) is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury, to provide a centralized debt collection service to most federal agencies. The FMS has begun utilizing two Congressionally mandated federal debt collection programs. One is devised to collect delinquent non-tax debt by neutralizing federal payments and the other is to collect delinquent tax debt from those individuals who receive federal payments.

The Tax Payer Relief Act of 1997 authorized the IRS to collect delinquent tax debts from individuals and businesses that receive federal payments, by levying up to 15% of each payment until the debt is paid.

Before the IRS transmits an electric file to the FMS, the IRS will send each tax debtor a notice by certified mail that will include the tax bill, a statement of the intent to levy, an explanation of the debtor’s rights to appeal, and an IRS phone number to inquiries and assistance. The intent to levy notice will also inform the debtor that if arrangements are made to repay the debt within thirty days of the notice, the levy will be dismissed.

To those debtors who receive Social Security benefits, a second notice will be sent as an opportunity to make payment arrangements to repay the debt and to avoid an IRS levy. As the payments are made, the FMS will send a notice to the debtor with explanation of the reduced payment, along with contacting the IRS to answer any questions regarding past debt. A debtor can make payment arrangements through the IRS at any time, whether its before a tax levy is issued or after the tax levy begins, to be released from an IRS tax levy.

Federal tax debts will be collected by FMS through The Treasury Offset Program (TOP), a program that is also used to collect non-tax debt. The TOP database, which is maintained by FMS, includes delinquent debtor information that has been submitted by federal agencies. As with the tax levy program, the IRS will supply the FMS with an electronic file containing tax debt information to be compiled in the TOP database.

FMS will match the federal payment information with the TOP database and the contact the IRS if they find any matches that would specifically identify any debtors that are recipients of Social Security benefit payments. The IRS will then send a notice of levy to the FMS to reduce matched payments continuously at a rate of 15% until the debt is paid, until other repayment arrangements are made, or until the expiration of the statutory collection period.

In February of 2002, the FMS started reducing the IRS garnishment amounts of Social Security beneficiaries who owed delinquent federal tax debts, by sending the IRS the levied amounts and sending the balance of the payments to the tax payer.

About the Author: Henry Byers, Retired IRS Manager and IRS Garnishment expert – focusing on Wage Garnishment Law and Garnishment


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Sports Betting Online: The Different Ways To Wager

Many people want to know more about coins. Are you one of them? If so, you might find the following article helpful in your search for information. We hope you find some useful pointers.

Licensed sport bookmakers are the ones that offer people to root for their desired team or player via online facility ? because it?s online, anyone can be able to place bets wherever they may be. Basically, one registers for a membership in an online sports betting site. Most sites offers free bets which is pretty much a great amount for a new member to enjoy.

Most commonly, sports book betting allows people to do direct betting in which a person places a bet against another person for a certain match or race. There are different rules, terms and conditions depending on the sports book. In Australia, online sites offer various betting options to bettors. This includes Best Tote and Plus5. Best Tote guarantees a Win Dividend to be equal to the highest official win dividend (note: this depends on the betting site). Plus5 will pay a dividend equal to the dividend paid by the Victorian TAB, plus 5% of the WINNING portion of the bet.

Bettors can also choose various ways to bet depending on the type of game. For sports matches, betting options includes line betting where one team is given a certain amount of points start and the other team must concede the same amount of points, known as the line. Another one is Matchup – this bet is offered when there are only 2 outcomes. If the matchup is a draw, the bet will be paid at half the face value. Another one is Total Points ? this is basically offered on team sports where wagering is based on the total number of points scored during a game. The last one would be First Scorer. This is when the first player to score the category of points specified is the winner.

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How To Identify Rare Coins

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1. Pick up ?The Official Blue Book?. If you are a collector of U.S. coins, this is a must-have. Authored by R.S. Yeoman and Kenneth Bressett, the book is updated every year and contains invaluable information on every coin that has ever been minted in the United States. This includes the year of production, the rarity of the coin, and its present value. Many of the coins represented in the book are also depicted with photographs. This is crucial in helping you become adept at identifying rare coins. 2. Make use of the internet. These days, many coin collectors are unaware of the broad array of resources available on the internet. The internet has been around for over two decades and has truly changed the landscape for those in the coin industry. Whether you are looking to buy or sell gold coins in Atlanta, the internet is a very helpful tool. There are countless resources that can further your knowledge on how to identify rare coins. Choose the websites that are credible.

3. Head to a coin dealer. Professional coin dealers have the experience and knowledge that you want when it comes to identifying rare coins. They can help you to identify your coins and provide you with useful tips on how to do it on your own. They can also be of assistance with helping you sell gold coins in Atlanta.

4. Meet up with other coin collectors in your area. Alternatively, you can also join coin collecting forums or message boards and chat rooms. The idea is to gather as many pointers as you can from other coin collectors who have experience with identifying rare coins.

Before you sell gold coins in Atlanta, take the time to study how to identify rare coins as this may be helpful in getting you a good deal. Pick up The Official Blue Book by R.S. Yeoman and Kenneth Bressett, make use of the internet as a valuable resource, visit a coin dealer, and meet up with other coin dealers in your area to gain further knowledge. Sell Gold Coins Atlanta

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Flying As A Hobby

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Flying As A Hobby

Submitted by: Yvonne Volante

Ask a room full of people what hobby they have and you will get as many answers as there are people. Others will confess that they don?t have a hobby. They probably do; but just don?t label it as such. By definition, a hobby is an activity or interest pursued outside one’s regular occupation and engaged in primarily for pleasure.

Whether flying, stamp collecting, chat rooms, trains, softball,scrapbooking, golf, reading, painting, tap dancing, yard work, crafts, auto mechanics, music, hunting down garage sales, sewing, fishing, cooking, boating, furniture refinishing, javelin tossing or a plethora of other activities or interests the key element is balance. You must find balance between your family life and your extracurricular activities.

Too much of a good thing turns bad. Everyone should havean outlet and a special interest that they enjoy doing for themselves. Self indulgence, to a point, is quite healthy. Escaping from day to day grinds to take some time to devoteto your flying hobby or concentration is therapeutic. You?ve all heard, “if Mamma ain?t happy, no one?s happy.” It doesn?t matter if your role is father, mother, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, brother or sister, if you?re just going to work or school and have noreal outside activities, you?re probably not always the most friendly person to be around.

Conversely, if you bury yourself and it seems to others that all you care about or all you ever want to do is fly all day (or hang around the airport), you?re setting yourself up or prolonging discontent. People deal with depression in many ways. Some sleep all the time. Others want to do nothing but read,read, read. Still others will spend hours upon hours downstairs building a bigger, faster widget, just to avoid the real cause of their frustrations. Hobbies are supposed to be a healthy outlet, not a catalyst to ignore issues that need addressing.

Likewise, hobbies can get very expensive. Sure, flying, snow mobiles, motorcycles and ski equipment are obviously expensive. But sometimes those seemingly low cost activities can add up. You start out with trying to budget for the weekly flying lessons. Then you need (or want) the unnecessary (but fun) goodies that we all “need” to pursue our passion. “Let?s see, do we pay the mortgage this month, or get that (fill in the blank) that you just have to have?”

If your flying hobby is doing more harm than good, if it?s dipping into the family budget and time allocation, more than you can or should be spending, it?s time to reevaluate. Not stop the flying, mind you, just make sure it’s appropriate for you and your family and its lifestyle.

About the Author: Yvonne Volante is the webmaster for, a wonderful resource on the subject of airplanes, flight and flying. Be sure to visit for more information on airplanes!


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Try Crafting For Your Next Hobby

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Try Crafting For Your Next Hobby

Submitted by: Brent Shields

Why should I or anyone for that matter get involved in crafting? Well…first things first, have you noticed how prices just keep getting higher and higher? Who can afford to give a decent gift to anyone nowadays? But…if you make the gift yourself it can be done for a fraction of the cost, not to mention the fact that everyone admires and wishes they could do the crafting themselves.

Well you can! All you have to do is try. Crafting is one area that creativity itself is often inspired by necessity. And amazingly enough new crafters usually find that they fall in love with crafting. Many people start out crafting because they have no choice, they needed something to give to someone or they could not afford to buy ready made things for their own home. In the process of learning how to save money they discover this amazing person inside of themselves, this creative and talented person that they never would have believed they could be.

You too can become more creative. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each and every one of us has our own concepts of what is beautiful. Each of us has hidden talents just waiting to be accessed. Once you get started you will be amazed at how quickly your mind will become flooded with ideas for things you can make. Anything you see was crafted by someone. Why not you?

Where do I start?

Well, what do you need? Once you know why you need a gift then you can look for something to fit the person you want to make the gift for.

I needed a gift for my friend who had just bought her first home and I wanted it to be something special as a housewarming gift. She has always used tons of candles in her home so I found a log that had an interesting shape and cut it so that it was about six inches high by ten or twelve inches around. I cleaned the wood and sanded it top and bottom then carved out an area in the middle to pour the wax, that I had colored in green to match her new living room. The wax was a green apple scent and I poured it into the area I had carved out of the center of the log. A little polish on the top and I had a gift that I was proud of and she really enjoyed it also.

Crafting is anything you make yourself! And there are all kinds of crafts that you can choose to do. There’s needle work such as embroidery both hand embroidery and machine embroidery, crochet, cross stitching, smocking and knitting just to name a few.

There’s jewelry making such as beading, wire twisting and silver smiting (silver smiting is not as hard as some people think).

There’s wreath making for all kinds of holidays.

Candle making can be even more creative than you think.

Painting both with oils and water colors.

Then there’s the junk art that has become so popular and is made from things you find in and around your own home.

There are many more forms of crafting that have not been mentioned here and I’m sure even more are being created as we speak, so have a great day and happy crafting!

About the Author: Brent is a regular writer for – for more home and family related information please visit


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Vintage handbags, authentic or fake

Many people want to know more about coins. Are you one of them? If so, you might find the following article helpful in your search for information. We hope you find some useful pointers.

Many luxury vintage handbags are created from leather and animal skin variations; these tend to add value to handbags. Many exotic materials such as ostrich are hard to be sourced and can add a touch of class and a fashion twist to the normal leatherhandbag which we buy. Over the years these products grow more delightful. The only small problem is how you know when you buy Chanel online, if it is an authentic or fake?Authentic Chanel bags are constantly reproduced, but the quality can never be replicated. The stitching and material in which the product is made from, cannot be imitated and is a big sign whether the product is real.

The Chanel classic flap bag is regularlyduplicated, this bag is very current among fashionistas,celebritiesand handbag collectors. This bag is a versatile stylepiece which can be used during the day and evening and at any occasion. This classic bag comes in a variety of colours, materials, and shapes. This can also be found on the high street with similar designs. The quilted bag was a very popular choice of fake handbags. The most obvious element to the bag is the logo,this cannot be tarnished. Just by looking very carefully at the engraving, inner sole and stitching to find the difference between a real and a replica.

One pre-owned bag many of us would want to own and tend to buy as a fake is the Birkin bag. This bag has a huge list of fans including well-known celebrities. This bag is also high on the fake list.There are some fundamental points you need to look at if you are unsure whether the handbag is a real or fake. Firstly, the hard ware will not be tainted. The colour can be a sign whether the bag is fake or real. You will not see odd stitching colours and bright neon shades for the Birkin bag.

The stitching is another sign whether the bag is a fake. Hand stitched products is close together and no loose threads will be seen. The Birkin bag has structure, it cannot be shapeless as you will find with many fakes. Vintage handbags are only sold in Hermes stores or concessions and are never on sale. Remember they are usually never lower than the original price even if they are preowned, unless they have been damaged. These simple but crucial points to consider whether you are questioning the authenticity of a designer handbag.

Author is an expirienced online marketer and writing articles and blogs since years. With this post he is sharing information on Hermes Birkin.

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How To Clean Your Coins

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How To Clean Your Coins

Submitted by: Beverly Kane

It seems that different coin collectors have different ideas about the best way to go about cleaning your coin collection. But many of the basic principles seem to come up time and time again.

The single most important element is universal; whatever you do avoid damaging your coins. Coins have usually been handled before, the older the coin the more handling it has endured. So you already are faced with some wear and tear of the coins through time and handling, such as the basic elements of scratches, corrosion and simply by the coin being exposed to air. Whatever you do, do not make it worse once they are under your care.

Also you must decide the best time to clean a coin, if it has signs of corrosion or may have been exposed to chemicals then by all means you must clean it, but clean it very gently. Your coins do not need to be sparkling and look like new just make sure they are clean and not further exposed to harmful elements. Like the corrosion on a penny that shows up green, you will definitely want to clean that.

What you use to clean your coins with will depend on what you are trying to remove from the coin. There are many common, household substances that can do the job very well and safely.

Even your hands can have an effect on your coin so make sure when you start the job of cleaning them that you wash your hands properly before getting started and have a clean area to work in. It?s very important to remember to try anything you use on a regular coin first so that you can judge the reaction.

Dishwashing liquid is a common cleaner used for cleaning dirt and grime from coins, you can soak the coins for a short time and also directly apply the liquid to the surface if they are particularly dirty. Just use a little and rub the coin gently, one at a time.

Another popular and effective cleaner is lemon juice, especially good for removing oil that usually layers on the coin from human handling. Oil can also serve as an effective defense against the air and oxidation. Soaking the coin for a short length of time usually does the trick.

Air drying is best but very soft material can be used as well. Material that is cotton or the clothes that are provided for cleaning eyeglasses are recommended. You also do not want to rub the coin too much. Remember to be very gentle!

The very best way to learn how to clean and handle your coin collection is to contact a coin dealer. Sometimes over cleaning and removing the coins natural wear and tear as well as removing tarnish can actually be detrimental to the coins value. It may look much more appealing but actually lower the value of your collection. It?s best to be more safe than sorry, so when in doubt consult with a dealer.

About the Author: Beverly Kane is a staff writer at Collectible’s Advisor and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including The Shopping Gazette.


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Vintage Jewelry

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Vintage Jewelry

Submitted by: Mary Lorainne

As kids or even as adults, we may be fascinated to look and try on our grandmother?s or great grandmother?s jewelries that have been carefully stored and handed down to our mothers and to us. For all we know these vintage jewelries may be worth something so don?t just throw them out just because they look old and out of style. Besides, you have to admit that the fashion of yesterday is slowly coming back again and people are always looking for trinkets that are old and antique. They do look great and unique.

Since we may not be experts when it comes to dating vintage jewelry that may have been handed down to us, it is important that we do some research about it. The first thing that you could do would be to look for some designer marks or maker?s mark. Though not all vintage jewelry always have this mark and it doesn?t follow that without a designer?s mark your vintage jewelry has no value. You could locate this at the clasp or at the back of the piece.

You could also ask the person who handed it down to you like your grandmother or mother especially if they are still alive to have an idea of its history and when it was probably made. They are most likely the ones to know how old this piece of jewelry is. If it has stones on it, examine them if they are real or fancy. It would be better though to have it really examined by a jeweler especially if you are not that knowledgeable when it comes to these matters.

To find out more about your vintage jewelry you could always visit your local library for resources and materials. You could also find a lot of websites online dedicated to vintage jewelry. If you were able to find a maker?s mark, search for it. You could even bring along your jewelry to be able to compare it with similar pictures that you will find.

Vintage jewelry in one way or another especially if kept in good condition has some value. It is important that if you intend to clean them, you clean them carefully to preserve and not to destroy its antique look. Utilizing a baby toothbrush is ideal since these are made with very soft bristles. It is best to clean dry and not use wet solutions if possible. If you want to remove smudges or marks on rhinestones, you can utilize a cotton swab dipped a bit in a mild solution of water and liquid soap. Of course, you need to gently do this since rhinestones would be more damaged with moisture and wetness.

Take your time, to ensure that you preserve your vintage jewelry for more generations to come.

About the Author: Mary Lorainne writes about Goldspeed Coupons , Artbeads discounts and diamonds sales code


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An Effective Method of Collecting Charms and Different Tools and Weapons in the Game

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Sharma invisible sprites were discovered south of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, and Yak twee Swimmer Cianta was watching over them. This new training spot Hunter allows you to blow these sprites to convert them into Sharm slices charms invocation (or slices of charm). This accessories will accomplish it added acceptable for you to bolt the creatures in their corresponding fields Hunter and runescape gold. For players who are afraid about demography damage, bringing a Tinderbox, some bird traps, and an adamant discharge for baking meat, raw banty can be acclimated instead of bringing your own food.

There are bushes and plants in the region, and when one of them begins to shake, this means sprites Sharm hiding among them. These slices can then be combined to form whole charms ready. This adjustment is by no agency an able adjustment of accession charms, but it is an another for those who wish to alternation Hunter. Sharm sprites can not be apparent about the breadth Hunter; they are airy and can not be criticized if they are angry visible.

Sprites can occur up to three at a time, but mostly one will appear. There are three types of sprites: Lealer, Tranart and Slightly. Galilees appear on their own, with Levels Tranarts appear, and appear with Slightly Galilees and Tranarts. Always be active because it is simple to leave some baggy if several sprites activate to arise and runescape money. The basal action is to yield a allurement to a afraid backcountry Sprite by beat on it (“target” of the bush), draft up the allurement (“target” by beat on it) that has been planted, and again skips abuse sprites arresting by beat on them.

The damage spells such as Blast, waves, surges or Slayer darts have a basic experience, and additional 0.2 XP can stack on it for damage each hit points you deal with your target. So if you hit 50 in one spell, you will get the base XP + 10XP.In addition, you will get XP 1/3 of your Constitution for all accident you deal. If you use the autocast defensive, you will accept 1/3 of the aegis for anniversary accident XP, and XP is beneath than magic. In added spells that do not accord damage, there is a accepted XP which is the aforementioned all the time.

At the bottom of some of the coldest and deepest of RuneScape are strange monsters. hese monsters are known to deposit furs, skins or different tools that are appreciated by many players with runescape gold in the game. There are abounding means to allurement these annoying creatures, alignment from bewitched imp boxes application a Falcon busy to bolt active kebbits small. To activate the coursing you charge a baton or allurement Noose Bird, which can be purchased from either Yanille or Nardah Hunter stores.

Of course, kebbits and saber-toothed Kyat are not just going to wander around Varrock are they now? So you can find where to track down your pesky creatures here is a list of eight different hunting grounds. Areas you can coursing are apparent on the minimap with a hunting breadth symbol.The Woodlands is amid just south of the fishing antecedents which is northwest of the Fortress Gnome Piscatoris. There is a Fairy Ring adjacency to hunting grounds.

The Karamja hunting area is located south of Tai Bwo Wannai Village and northeast of Cairn Island with rs gold in the game. The best way to do this is to use the fairy ring nearby. The hunting area of the Temple is located southwest of Ardounge, and west of the battlefield Khazard. The best way to do that is either using the tree near Spirit or teleport to Ardounge and walk to the hunting area there.The Wilderness is the most dangerous of all, it is around level 20 wilderness and is a multi-combat area. To get there, run north of Varrock and head north-east of the Temple of Chaos.

The article is from, which you can Buy Runescape Gold ,if you want to learn more information about Cheap Runescape Gold, please enter .

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