Cheap Scrap Booking Ideas

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Cheap Scrap Booking Ideas

Submitted by: Keysha Jecks

Are you wanting to scrapbook some of those precious memories of your family but money is tight? I know how you feel, money seems to be tight for everyone and we are no different. However I have come up with some pretty unique and cute ideas for making scrap booking a little cheaper.

What are all these fabulous ideas? Well they are scrap booking ideas that I got just going about my day and they use products in the house that almost everyone has.

My first ideas is recycle, recycle, recycle. Things that you think may be garbage make beautiful decorations on scrapbook pages. For instance, that foil that was cut too short isn?t garbage, you can use it to frame pictures or cut in shapes to use on the page. However there is one rule to this, do not use anything that has had meat or bodily fluids touching it.

Or how about those candy wrappers. Well wash them if needed and some can make really excellent d?cor. Take for instance Snickers, you can take a few pictures of your child or children laughing and then use these wrappers to accent the page. Or WhatChamacallit can be used for baby?s first pictures.

You can use any type of wrapper. I get Parent?s Choice diapers and one of my kids favorite scrapbook page is where I cut the ?Parent?s Choice? out and pasted that to the top of the page with the rest of the page covered in my kids.

The key to making this successful is to get creative, think outside the box. Just because someone else says it?s garbage doesn?t mean you can?t use it. Rags that have seen there last days make nice decorations. Or the fabric scraps left from making a dress make nice frames for pictures.

How about using string, or plastic bags, tissue boxes. In fact boxes are sometimes the best thing to use. Most items that are boxed are really decorative and make nice frames or accents for scrap booking. Just get creative and keep things that look nice. Whenever we finish a box of tissues I fold it up and put it in my scrap booking drawer for later.

Christmas is coming up and there is no better time to really stockpile great and cheap scrap booking items. All that wrapping that you bought and have used, there is no reason to let it just go to waste. The stuff that wasn?t torn to itty-bitty pieces can be fold and stashed away for later. Or even all those Christmas cards; use the pictures on them for accents, and the envelopes to frame pictures.

Even the decorations you might just throw away, like tinsel, fake snow, or the Christmas tree can be used. Now the whole tree can?t be used, but you can pluck some of the needles or cut off some of the bark.

The most important thing to remember is that scrap booking ideas can be found everywhere, and in everything. Before you throw anything away think ?can I use this to scrapbook? or ?how would this look on a scrap booking page.?

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